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As a family-oriented state, emphasis on a quality educational system is extremely important. Idaho has a responsibility to its children to fulfill the Constitutional mandate to provide a uniform and thorough system of schools for our children.  I believe that there are three major components of a successful educational system: local control, balanced allocation of resources, and school choice. 


During my time on the Senate Education Committee, I have advocated for reducing federal intrusion into our local classrooms, increasing local control and innovation, and increasing parental rights in education.


Idaho families want and deserve the ability to be active and involved in their children's education whether that be in traditional public schools, charter schools, online schools, religious schools, or home schools.


The basic rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are being stripped away from pre-born children.  I have worked to advance and protect the basic right-to-life of pre-born children.  It is our duty to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Health Care

Insurance does not equal health care. In Idaho, we should be focused on solutions that enable individuals and families the ability to determine what they need. We are witnessing first-hand that government intrusion into the healthcare system does not solve problems, but has an adverse impact on the availability of health care and the availability and compensation of doctors. We need to empower people to take charge of their own health, and we need to empower our physicians and healthcare providers to enact solutions that improve patient care.


A diverse economy is critical to the success of Idaho, and small businesses in Idaho are as varied and unique as the great people of our State.  Idaho small businesses represent 96.8% of all employers and employ 57.7% of the private-sector labor force. Approximately 150,000 small businesses make up the Idaho economy, and I firmly believe our goal should be to engage in business-friendly practices in order to grow this vital sector in our State’s economy. By encouraging a climate that is free from the burdens of over-regulated health care and prescribed increased minimum wage hurdles, I stand with the individuals that make the Idaho economy vibrant and strong. I will continue to work for their resilience against future threats by encouraging an environment that facilitates innovation and growth.


Agriculture plays a major role in the Idaho economy.  Our family farmers work hard to provide the best quality products in the most efficient and environmentally sound way. We need to protect this way of life and preserve our natural resources for future generations.


As citizens of the United States, we are afforded many rights. One of the undeniable rights of the American people is the right to keep and bear arms as established in the Second Amendment. I have supported this Constitutional freedom by voting for permitless conceal carry in Idaho, and I will continue to work to protect our Second Amendment liberties.


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